August 22nd, 2009

Herbert, Ah Sin and myself had a chat this morning. After all the feedbacks from the graduation group pictures posted in facebook lately, we decide to organize a reunion banquet for all the STTSS 1987 graduates. It will be in 2012 summer, which will mark the 25th anniversary. Save the date!

STTSS 1st F5 Graduation

STTSS 1st F5 Graduation

3 Responses to “2012 夏天”

  1. Kelvin Sin says:

    我是A班冼舜明, 為重逢的一天而努力!

  2. Herbert SHIU says:


  3. Ron Chow says:

    我係C班周思明呀, 我o尋日o係IFC撞到同班o既石劍芳, 不過佢已經唔認得我!
    我應該可以聯絡到C班o既一D同學, 我試試contact佢o地!